Someone's Looking for You

Lost is a feeling we all know. Maybe it's spiritually or emotionally. We all know what it's like to be unable to find our way; especially when it begins to get dark. It can get dark when we get lost in life. Our only hope is when someone who cares about us comes to find us.


Designer Love

Jackie has a complicated and sensitive conversation with us about sexuality. Conversations about sexuality are popular but often mishandled by the world and by the church. Many of us have heard this conversation before in a way that made us feel less human, less whole and less dignified. Jackie instead wants to give dignity to anyone struggling with a particular thing.

Big Road or Life Path

Everything depends on what road you take. Sometimes we know exactly what the end goal is supposed to be, but we get distracted along the way; and it ends up costing too much. We end up at a destination that is different than where we were intending to go.

When Life Hurts: A Bitter You or a Better You?

Grief. Abuse. Family drama. Tragedy. Life's hammers that hit hard. But a hammer can destroy – or it can build. Some people become hard and hurtful and more depressed. Others become stronger than ever. The difference? CHOICES. You didn't get to decide about being hurt. But you decide what it makes you!