Let's face it - life can be hard. Really hard. Sometimes it feels like we just can't face another day. We've been there. Worry. Loss. Hurt. Bad things you've done. Awful things done to you. It can trigger depression and dark thoughts, even thinking of ending it all. We're here to tell you that even when things seem hopeless, you can still find hope. Join in with Native young people from across North America as we look at what hope looks like. You will quickly see that you are not alone, that others have walked the dark road you are on, and that they have found hope and freedom. And you can, too - you are not alone! So tune in to what the Creator God has for you, and learn how you can Choose Life!

You are not alone. You have found people who care.

On Eagles' Wings is a movement of HOPE in Native America. We are Native young people from dozens of tribes across North America who desire to be the HOPE we want to see in our communities. We come from backgrounds of brokenness, abuse, addiction and feeling alone. But we are not alone. Each member of the On Eagles’ Wings team found HOPE through a personal relationship with Jesus. OEW wants to empower and equip Native and First Nations young people like you to lead the way in bringing hope and healing to your communities.


WLS 2020 Lecrae

There are maps that often take us in the wrong direction. Sometimes we think we don't need directions and that we can "figure this out on our own." We end up getting lost, and then we realize we've been looking at the wrong map. How often do we want to get somewhere, but we don't want to follow the directions to get there?

Running without Baggage

Ever run a mile? Ever tried to do it with a backpack full of rocks? Some of us have lived that way for too long - doing life with things weighing us down and holding us back. Weston (Navajo) shares how you can ditch the baggage and live life with freedom!

Light up the Night

We had been so broken for so long before the realization of freedom finally came to light. The night is finally gone; the light has come. Light Up The Night is about the freedom and joy we now have through what Jesus has given us. Don't look back at the things of the past! Jesus gives us the ability to finish the race well. Be a light in the darkness to others, and light up the night!


When Life Hurts: A Bitter You or a Better You?

Grief. Abuse. Family drama. Tragedy. Life's hammers that hit hard. But a hammer can destroy – or it can build. Some people become hard and hurtful and more depressed. Others become stronger than ever. The difference? CHOICES. You didn't get to decide about being hurt. But you decide what it makes you!

The Suicide Tragedy: Choosing Life

Most of us either know someone who has struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide, or we’ve been that person. In this Battle Council, you’ll hear how to choose life when it’s really hard to keep going. Discover ways you can battle those life-taking thoughts – whether for yourself or someone you care about.

Real Relationships

One of the biggest choices we can make in life is a relationship. It's where we put our greatest hopes, and where we get our greatest hurts. So, how should we handle our relationships?