Merry Christmas from On Eagles' Wings! Our team wants you to know that no matter the year you have had, or how hard things might be right now, you are loved. We love you, and Jesus loves you! Hey, He even loved you enough to come to earth in the form of a baby so you can have a chance at life forever with your Creator God. We're praying for you!

We hope you'll enjoy this replay of the OEW Christmas Party!

*Giveaways were part of live event only


Choose Life

Let's face it - life can be hard. Really hard. Sometimes it feels like we just can't face another day. We've been there. Worry. Loss. Hurt. Bad things you've done. Awful things done to you. It can trigger depression and dark thoughts, even thinking of ending it all. We're here to tell you that even when things seem hopeless, you can still find hope. Join in with Native young people from across North America as we look at what hope looks like. You will quickly see that you are not alone, that others have walked the dark road you are on, and that they have found hope and freedom. And you can, too - you are not alone! So tune in to what the Creator God has for you, and learn how you can Choose Life!

Off The Map - WLS 2020

There are so many roads others tell you to take. But look where they can end up. Suddenly you're trapped in a life you don't really want to be in. Then comes this Voice calling you off the map that goes nowhere. "Follow Me," Jesus says. "To the more you're made for." Millions have. And found a life bigger than they ever dreamed. A future worth living for.

You're invited to join together with Native young people from across this continent, to explore the road to a future without the regrets, without the shame. The journey begins here at Warrior Leadership Summit.

WLS 2020 Recap

Check out all the highlights from WLS 2020 Off The Map!