Transformation Station

We always want things to change.

Of course, whatever you do to change your look - you're still the same you!

Because it's the stuff on the inside that really needs changing!

We’re about to meet four people in the Bible who met Jesus and were forever changed. You'll probably see that one of them is a lot like you.

The Victim

John 5:1-8

Defined by his pain.

Jesus asks, "Do you want to get well?,"

He knows how to be a victim. He doesn't know how to be well .

Are you tired of being defined by your pain?

Jesus has the power to TRANSFORM you - by delivering you from the bondage of your past. Isaiah 43:18

The Slave

Mark 5:1-15,19,20

Defined by his chains. (Inside and outside)

He let darkness enter. The dark spirits were controlling him. They have power, but, no authority !

Even the dark spirits know Who is Boss! The man controlled by them is set free by Jesus! - HE IS THE BOSS!

This man is TRANSFORMED by meeting Jesus. Suddenly, he goes spreading the Light of Jesus.

Jesus has the power to deliver you from your darkness and fill you with His HOLY SPIRIT. Colossians 1:13,14

The Failure

Luke 22:54-62

Peter - Defined by his failure.

His bigtime fall.

But all Jesus wants to know is , "Do you love Me?"

Like Peter, maybe you stopped living for Jesus but never stopped loving Jesus! John 21:15-18

Peter became a powerhouse for Jesus.

Jesus is ready to welcome you home .

The Hurter

Luke 19:1-10

Zaccheus - Defined by his selfishness .
Using people . . . Hurting people. . . Hiding from Jesus

Why? Probably because he was ashamed.

Then Jesus calls him by name. And Zacchaeus is TRANSFORMED!
Suddenly he becomes a great blessing in his town!

When you open up to Jesus, He makes you like Him!

You can bring hope to people instead of hurt.

The “victim” . . . the slave . . . the failure . . . the hurter. Jesus is ready to forgive you . . . to heal you . . . and to change what you could never change!

Because when people come face-to-face with Jesus , they are . . .Transformed !