Real Relationships

One of the biggest choices we can make in life is a relationship. It's where we put our greatest hopes, and where we get our greatest hurts. So, how should we handle our relationships?

freedom vs. FREEDOM!

When we think of freedom, we immediately think of a choice. "What can I do that will benefit me the most?" Doing what you feel is reckless freedom, and it can lead you to things you never wanted. Freedom to choose isn't freedom from consequences.

How to Be a Make a Difference Hero

Our world today can be so harsh and unkind. It truly feels like every man for himself. Yet one person – treating people like Jesus would – can really make a difference. Hear some practical ideas and steps to help you show Jesus to the people in your world.

Diving Deeper with Jackie

Jackie shares her heart about finding your identity in Christ.

Setting Others Free

Doug and Brad talk about heroes and what they do: rise up in times of danger. Your generation is in danger! A generation with a lot of destruction and despair. The people you know in your life need a real hero.

Designer Love

Jackie has a complicated and sensitive conversation with us about sexuality. Conversations about sexuality are popular but often mishandled by the world and by the church. Many of us have heard this conversation before in a way that made us feel less human, less whole and less dignified. Jackie instead wants to give dignity to anyone struggling with a particular thing.

Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior

There's no greater feeling. Being close to Jesus. And feeling Him use you to make a difference in other people's lives. But that can be more than just a nice ​chapter​ in your life - it can ​be​ your life. Whether you've been living for Jesus or away from Him, come and find out how, from this point on, you can be God's warrior for ​life​!

Not My Body

Weston and Rachel talk to us about our bodies and how we are all about our bodies. We feed them, exercise them, shower them, and pleasure them. But, a lot of times we don't realize how big of a deal it really is.

Sex, Love, and Lies

Sex was supposed to mean a lifetime of love. Too often, it's meant hurt, regrets, being used, unintended consequences. It was never meant to be this way. The Inventor of sex - our Creator - has a plan for this gift He gave us. He spells it out in His "Manufacturer's Manual," the Bible - a blueprint for a future of love as God created it to be. Doug and Anna (Navajo) Hutchcraft will draw on their own story, the stories of many young people they've worked with and, most important, the Creator's own words to help you make "no regrets" relationship choices.

Making the Bible Come Alive

Discover how to make the Bible come alive! If you've never read a Bible or if you've tried to read it and gave up, this Battle Council is for you. Consider this an Intro to the Bible. Our Enemy does't want you reading the Bible - he knows the power in the Word! Experience that power, and grow closer in the personal relationship with Jesus that your heart desires.

Good Love | Bad Love

So many of us have been hurt by what the world and culture mistakenly calls “love”. In this fascinating session, Ron Hutchcraft leads a discussion that covers what REAL love looks like, and how you can truly love the people around you.

Sex, Lies And Finding A Real "Moose"

Sex. Often thought about, And hey - can we really say “sex” and “God” in the same sentence? Love. Does it really exist? Is it really out there somewhere? Lies, Heard too many. Want to hear truth and honesty instead? Moose and relationships. What in the world do they have in common?