Anna's Story

OEW team member Anna grew up in a family full of pain. A father who drank all the time and was abusive; always having to be careful what she said to him. She has never heard her father tell her he loves her. Always having to lock the doors, sleeping with a knife under her pillow, losing family member after family member from suicide.. Anna knew she needed a change or she would end up like others who grew up like her. They hurt themselves; even kill themselves. She’s watched them all go that way; feeling what they felt. She wishes it could all end. Hear how she found a father on her reservation Who gave her peace, safety and healing.

Dustin's Story

Basketball was Dustin's way of escaping his pain. With no father, fighting, violence and nothing to do but getting into trouble, Dustin was desperately trying to make his life mean something. But, every time he tried to fix a problem by himself, everything fell apart. Dustin realized he needed a change.

Bach's Story

When OEW team member Bach was six, there was a priest from his school who would spend a lot of time with Bach and his brothers, taking them to do fun things. The priest would sometimes tell these boys about God. But one day, it all went horribly wrong when he took Bach with him alone. If God was anything like that priest, Bach wanted nothing to do with Him. Left feeling abused and lonely, Bach turned to sniffing paint and looking at porn to ease his pain for a little while. When he got to high school, he started selling drugs. Until one night he and his friend were held at gunpoint and robbed. This made Bach think about what would have happened if he died. Bach tells us how he ended up in a place he never thought he’d go to find a difference, to find healing, to be free.

Connie's Story

Growing up, OEW team member Connie knew all the “church answers” to life’s questions. While in high school, she thought getting good grades, having friends and partying would give her love and help her to be understood. She drank and did the drugs everyone else was doing. But, secretly, she was cutting and she quickly became overwhelmed trying to maintain three identities. This only led her to darkness, depression, loneliness and feeling nothing but not good enough. Connie tells us how she was able to find hope, worth, purpose and unconditional love in Jesus.