Someone's Looking for You

Lost is a feeling we all know. Maybe it's spiritually or emotionally. We all know what it's like to be unable to find our way; especially when it begins to get dark. It can get dark when we get lost in life. Our only hope is when someone who cares about us comes to find us.

Your Very Best News For Your Very Worst Days

All of us have hurt. There are storms that are worse than others. Storms shape us; we either give up or step up. But how do we handle these storms?

Running without Baggage

Ever run a mile? Ever tried to do it with a backpack full of rocks? Some of us have lived that way for too long - doing life with things weighing us down and holding us back. Weston (Navajo) shares how you can ditch the baggage and live life with freedom!

Finally You

Weston talks about what "Live Free" means. It can be easy to talk about being free from something, but then there's another type of freedom that can go with it: Freedom to be. Freedom to be who you are in Christ and the freedom to pursue that identity that's in Christ.

The Suicide Tragedy: Choosing Life

Most of us either know someone who has struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide, or we’ve been that person. In this Battle Council, you’ll hear how to choose life when it’s really hard to keep going. Discover ways you can battle those life-taking thoughts – whether for yourself or someone you care about.

The Freedom Fight

Craig talks about some of the real Native American heroes; like the Navajo code talkers. The efforts of these great heroes helped us win the war. But, many times, heroes are a reminder that once you're free, you sometimes have to fight to stay free.

When Life Hurts: A Bitter You or a Better You?

Grief. Abuse. Family drama. Tragedy. Life's hammers that hit hard. But a hammer can destroy – or it can build. Some people become hard and hurtful and more depressed. Others become stronger than ever. The difference? CHOICES. You didn't get to decide about being hurt. But you decide what it makes you!

Hope When There's No Reason

How can we have hope when there seems to be no reason? Find out how you can have hope.

Inside Out

What are emotions? They're a reflection of who we are at any particular moment. But, is the reflection who I really am? Dino (Navajo) shares how this reflection is NOT who we are, but who we can let ourselves become.