The Fight To Keep Fighting

The Fight To Keep Fighting

When I first became a Christian, I remember I was so scared! I was scared that I was going to fail, and in doing so, I would cause people to not believe in God. This scared me, because I know how real Jesus is in my life. There is no doubt in my mind, heart, and soul that Jesus is Who He says He is. So many times in my life I made that commitment to follow Him, but I did everything but follow Him.

I do not want my family to be stuck in the same cycles they have been for many years.

I am tired of seeing my friends die and throwing their lives away for money and drugs. I am tired of seeing my town be in a continuous downfall because of methamphetamines.

God has used me in so many ways, and so many of my friends and family are proud of me and the changes that I have made for the better. But I am still scared that I will fail. There is a little lie in the back of my head that will not go away. It tells me that I will fail. Maybe not today or next week, but it will happen. Instead of confronting this lie and going to Jesus to renew my mind, I find myself believing it. I get down on myself and I start to get angry that I did everything for no reason. But it is only a lie!

Jesus strengthens me when I feel like I am going to break.

He shows me little things that bring a smile to my face. He loves me no matter if I fail or not. We are not called to only fight battles but we are here to fight a war! This is not a sprint; it is a race! The Bible says to “strip yourself of all that hinders you,” that is anything that will keep you from running your race. Win or lose - God loves you!

Do not count yourself out because you fell, but pick yourself up and get in the fight! I am speaking to myself as well as you! I need to be reminded that God fights the battles for us. This fear creeps in from time to time, but Jesus’ love never leaves. My family will be released from their cycles of destruction and my friends will live a life worth living, but it is all in God’s time. Plant the seed and allow God to let it grow. It will grow and there will be change. Just be patient and please keep up the fight!

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