Died For Love

Died For Love

The light is bright while beeps and buzzing noises fill the air. I hear people talking and someone with their face covered as they cry. The walls are all white and very plain besides random wires, boxes, and weird-looking computers hanging everywhere. The door is closed while there is another doorway with no door whatsoever. "Why am I here," I say to myself. But I must of said it out loud because the person crying is no longer covering her face, but looks at me and speaks. I know this voice, but never have I heard it with so much pain. Her voice cracks as she struggles to get the words out to give me an answer. "You died" she says.

"I died?"

I died! I never cared if I lived or died. This was always my attitude towards death. Nobody would care if I lived or died. They would just say their goodbyes and carrying on like I never existed. Man, was I wrong.

The door is now opened. I step out into the hallway and all I hear is tears from my peers as they cry, because they think their dear friend is gone. Their reactions made me see that my expectations were wrong. I am loved.

I got lost in the lie that no one cared about me. You may feel like no one loves you, but you're wrong. There is always someone that loves you for you! I died trying to figure that out. Please don’t be like me. I died and found my proof, but Jesus Christ died to prove His love to you!

Jesus willingly gave His life so that we would know and experience true love! Romans 5:8 says "But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, CHRIST died for us." The God of the universe died for you. I pray that you will experience this sacrificial love and know that you matter.

You were masterfully designed with a specific purpose and call on your life. Even the most shameful, regretful, and broken parts of your life won't change the fact that you are so loved.

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