Landon's Hope Story


Growing up in the city was really rough for me. My mom took off when I was two and left my brother and I with my Grandpa. My dad picked us up, and we lived with him.

Growing up with my Dad was really hard because he had so many different girlfriends. They would fight in the middle of the night, and all of a sudden he would wake me up and then say, “We’re going.” We would go on long walks and end up at an aunt or uncle’s house.

Home felt really unstable and I never felt loved or wanted. I turned to sports to fill a void in my life: hockey, basketball, and football. I was trying to fill that emptiness I felt, and it worked as long as I kept busy. But then late at night, when I was going to bed, that empty and lonely feeling would creep back in. I would lay there and wonder what I was living for.

When I was ten my parents got back together and I discovered I had an older brother. My family began to feel like what I had always wanted, stable. Everything was great!

At thirteen, my brother died tragically. My whole life started tearing apart. I didn’t know how to cope with the grief that consumed me.

I started doing things I said that I’d never do. I turned to drugs, and I started drinking, even though I had seen what alcohol did to destroy my family. I didn’t want to do that, but alcohol was the only way I understood to deal with the pain in my life. The habit grew, and soon I dropped out of school. I badly wanted to finish high school, but my whole world had totally fallen apart. I was just floating from party to party.

At seventeen, I was living on my own, working, and had my own place. I regularly had parties but one night, as I was reflecting on my life I felt God speaking to me. I heard Him say, “If you’ll give your life fully to Me, then I’ll take you places you’ve never been.”

That night, I got out of bed, and got on my knees. I cried out to Jesus, and told Him, “Jesus, come into my life. I don’t want to live like this anymore.” Right there by my bed, Jesus came in. Jesus really healed me from the pain that I felt from my brother. He healed me from the pain of growing up from not feeling love from my father. I felt that peace, that love. God rescued me from my addition to drugs, smoking, and alcohol.

After Jesus came into my life, I was able to go live with a family, finish high school, and I even went on to Bible college! After Bible college, I’ve been able to work with Native young people on a Native reservation.
I never expected that God could do all this with my life. But I first had to give my life over to Him. Who knows where He’s going to take me next? I never know, but I know that it’s going to be something great because of what Jesus did in my life.