Jarred's Story


Throughout my life I’ve always known about God. I’ve always gone to Christian camps. I’ve always been subjected to God and Jesus, but I have not always been willing to accept Him. I’m a very selfish person. I struggled with it in the past, and I can say I still struggle with it now. I hung out with friends constantly; I didn’t do anything else. Whenever I went home, I just felt depressed. It was just there and I couldn’t get rid of it no matter what I did or what I’d buy.

I ended up getting myself into a lot of debt because of my selfishness. I always wanted something bigger. I thought there was always something better to make me happy, or to fill that void in my heart. I turned to stuff other than God to make me feel better. From new cars, motorcycles, clothes, electronics, and women...I was on a crash course to emptiness.  I continued to live this unfulfilling life even though I knew what Christ did for me. I didn’t do drugs; I didn’t need them.

I just was out of it in my own personal mind. I finally realized after all this emptiness, after all this debt, and all these things that couldn’t make me happy, that I had my Bible sitting there. I looked at it and I remembered, there is something there. It was at the most desperate time in my life that God reached out His hand and told me to take it.

God made me realize that no matter what I do I will never be able to feel whole without Him. He showed me that He was always there. He would never leave me or reject me. I realized that He is the only thing that can fill that emptiness inside. I can thank God that I have a personal relationship with Him that makes me happy, that puts a smile on my face, and makes me realize and recognize who I am as a person. I was lost and I didn’t know who I was, but with Jesus Christ I know who I am. I feel whole and like there isn’t a ten-mile-wide hole in my heart. Even to this day I struggle with everyday life.

Now I don’t have to make objects and other people my escape. I can look to God who gives me answers and a better perspective on life! I want to encourage you to look deep inside your heart and realize that there is someone there for you, like I realized there was someone there for me.