Hope Killers

Hope rising from tragedy

1.  When you are one of God’s own, remember, all disasters are God’s disastersPsalms 57:1-2 (NIV)   

King David: 
  • Turned to the right Person when disaster struck.
    He didn’t turn to his culture to help him, didn’t even turn to his traditions as they would be found to be useless.   
    He didn’t seek help from old friends who knew how to pull him down again…He had to turn to the right Person if he was going to make it. 

  • Took refuge in the very One that could have kept the disaster from happening in the first place – that takes Trust, Love and Commitment (he understood the sovereignty of God in his life).
  • Realized God uses even disasters to fulfill His purposes for our lives!
    Disasters don’t sidetrack us from God’s plan, disasters are part of God’s plan for our lives. 

  • Disasters often come as a part of God’s calling on our lives.

  • Acts 9:15-16. 
    2.  When you are one of God’s own, you can never get away from His presence and providence (Divine guidance and care). 
      Psalms 139:1-12 
    God has: 
    Immanence, in that He indwells all things that He has created.  He’s everywhere and in everything!.  You don’t have to go distances to find God. 

    He is in everything.   He is right here, right now!  He even is, right now, back in your home community.  You may leave my presence when you leave WLS (and you won’t miss much at all!), but you won’t be leaving HIS PRESENCE!  HALLELUJAH! 

    Immensity, God is above all things, beneath all things, outside of all things, and inside of all things! 

  • He is above all things, but He’s not pushed up!
  • He is beneath all things, but He’s not pressed down!
  • He is outside all things, but He’s not excluded from anything!
  • He is inside all things, but He’s not confined!
  • He is above all things presiding
  • He is beneath all things sustaining
  • He is outside all things embracing
  • And Inside all things filling…