Heroes at Home, Heroes Building a New Home

There is nothing more tragic in our Native communities than the destruction of the family.

Your family is incredibly important to God. Do you want to stop the cycle of pain and hurt when you begin your own family? God wants to show you how.

“The Israelites are to camp around the tent of meeting, some distance from it, each of them under their standard and holding the banners of their family.” Numbers 2:2

They were to camp around the tent of meeting.

Close to God and close to each other.

Living for Christ back home will not be easy.

A life that matters is a life that costs. Because . . .

  • You’re living in an environment that doesn’t understand Jesus.

  • You’re a target of the enemy of your soul.

  • People love darkness rather than light, and you’re now light in your community.

  • They hated Jesus, and they will hate you, too.

  • You may have to stand alone – but it is so worth it!

  • The Christian life is not a solo act. You need to be “camped” close to a local church.
    Hebrews 10:25

    The family groups were gathered together under their standards.

    Standards were flags that had on them the unique markings of that particular family.

    Whatever’s been on your family’s “flag” up to this point, you have an opportunity to raise a new flag!

    The people were also holding the banners of their families.

    Standards tell the stories of God’s work in your family. Banners tell the story of God’s work through your family.

    Go home, holding high the banner of Christ!

    The big question: WILL YOU QUIT WHEN IT GETS HARD?

    Jesus never quit on us when it got hard!

    II Peter 1:3 . . .
    “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who call us by His own glory and goodness.”