Going Deeper

Big Road or Life Path

Everything depends on what road you take. Sometimes, we know exactly what the end goal is supposed to be, but we get distracted along the way; and it ends up being really expensive. We end up at a destination that is different then where we were intending to go.

Someone's Looking for You

Lost is a feeling we all know. Maybe it's spiritually or emotionally. We all know what it's like to be unable to find our way; especially when it begins to get dark. It can get dark when we get lost in life. Our only hope is when someone who cares about us comes to find us.

Real Relationships

One of the biggest choices we can make in life is a relationship. It's where we put our greatest hopes, and where we get our greatest hurts. Then, how should we handle our relationships?

Your Very Best News For Your Very Worst Days

All of us have hurt. There's storms that are worse than others. Storms shape us; we either give up or step up. But, how do we handle these storms?

It's Hard to Run With Baggage

Imagine running a mile. But, imagine running it with a bag of bricks. Which one is harder to do? We'd all rather run with now baggage on our back yet, that's how most of us run our life. We go day to day carrying our "baggage" of our past.

WLS 2020 Lecrae

There are maps that often take us in the wrong direction. Sometimes, we think we don't need directions and that we can "figure this out on our own." We end up getting lost, and then we realize that we've been looking at the wrong map. How often do we want to get somewhere, but we don't want to follow the directions to get there?

A Woman Transformed 2019 (Girls Only)

Everywhere we turn, the world is throwing their definition of what it means to be a woman. Guess what? They have it pretty wrong. But the God who created you has it right, so let’s spend a few minutes taking a look at where your worth really comes from.

Ain't Goin' Back

In this session, Doug talks about God's view of the bridges that bring you back to the things that have chained you, which He has set you free from. But there are powerful tentacles trying to pull you back to the old you. No matter how hard or how many times you try to get away, and no matter who you hurt, it still grabs you.

Calling All Men! – Jesus on Native Manhood

Native men were relentless warriors who protected and provided for their families and communities. Over the generations Native men have been emasculated by fatherlessness, alcoholism, abuse, and addictions that run deep into the soul. The Native Masculinity Collaborative seeks to help Native men discover the real meaning of manhood by understanding our identity, embracing our responsibilities, facing our fears, and looking to Jesus as the ultimate model for true masculinity.

Designer Love

Jackie has a complicated and sensitive conversation with us about sexuality. Conversations about sexuality are popular but often mishandled by the world and by the church. Many of us have heard this conversation before in a way that made us feel less human, less whole and less dignified. Jackie instead wants to give dignity to anyone struggling with a particular thing.

Diving Deeper with Jackie

In this Battle Council, Jackie will be sharing more of her heart about finding your identity in Christ.

Fight Club: What You Need to Know About Spiritual Warfare

The first rule about Fight Club is that we NEED to talk about Fight Club! When you are a follower of Jesus, you’re in His army, which is a great place to be. The good news is that we win, but every soldier still needs to be prepared for the fight. Spiritual warfare is a real thing, but we don’t need to be fearful of it. Come hear from Bobby Dean, who has a lifetime of experience with this, as he shares some basics about the battle, and be ready to fight as you head home.

Finally You

In this session, Weston talks about what "Live Free" means. It can be easy to talk about being free from something, but then there's another type of freedom that can go with it: Freedom to be. Freedom to be who you are in Christ and the freedom to pursue that identity that's in Christ.

How to Be a Make a Difference Hero

Our world today can be so harsh and unkind. It truly feels like every man for himself. Yet one person, treating people like Jesus would...can really make a difference. Come get some practical ideas and steps to help you show Jesus to the people in your world.

Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior

There’s no greater feeling. Being close to Jesus. And feeling Him use you to make a difference in other people’s lives. But that can be more than just a nice ​chapter​ in your life - it can ​be​ your life. Whether you’ve been living for Jesus or away from Him, come and find out how, from this point on, you can be God’s warrior for ​life​!

Setting Others Free

In this session, Doug and Brad talk about heroes and what they do: rise up in times of danger. Your generation is in danger! A generation with a lot of destruction and despair. The people you know in your life need a real hero.

The Freedom Fight

Craig talks about some of the real Native American heroes; like the Navajo code talkers. The efforts of these great heroes helped us win the war. But, many times, heroes are a reminder that once you're free, you sometimes have to fight to stay free.

The Suicide Tragedy: Choosing Life

Most of us either know someone who has struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide, or we've been that person. In this Battle Council, we'll tackle how to choose life when it's really hard to keep going. We'll discover ways you can battle those life-taking thoughts - whether for yourself or someone you care about.

Your Spiritual Lie Detector: Ways to Tell What’s True and What’s Not

Have you ever looked at the picture of food on the McDonald’s menu, and then compared it to what you get in real life? Oh, the lies! But we face bigger lies than that in life. Things go much more smoothly when we can figure out how to tell what’s true and what’s not, and God has given us a way to do that. Come hear how you can tune up your spiritual lie detector!

freedom vs. FREEDOM!

When we think of freedom, we immediately think of a choice. "What can I do that will benefit me the most?" But doing what you feel is reckless freedom that can lead you to things you never wanted. Freedom to choose isn't freedom from consequences.

Rez Life/Resurrection Life?

In this session, Bobby talks about the chains you started out with. You've tried to do your best to be free from some of the pain you've grown up with, but when you live with broken all around you, it becomes you "normal.". Our minds can wander unless there is something controlling it, and maybe that's happening to you. Something is controlling you and you don't like it.

A Thousand Ugly Pounds

We're all from different places and backgrounds, but we all have a story. Your whole life, up until now, was a book. It would look good, but inside that book are some things we'd like to forget. There are some dark things in that book. It's your life up until now...

The Broken Bridge

The broken bridge. Relationships are bigger than just boyfriend and girlfriend; it's bigger than even marriage. It has to start with our relationship with Christ because that's where everything comes from. Nick and Lani talk about how there is no division between our spiritual life and our personal life.

Big Boy Pants and Big Girl Clothes

At some point, babies need to move beyond binky's in order to get something better. You don't need to stay where you are; there's something better. Ron talks about moving beyond the stage you're at now as a follower of Jesus because He's got something better for you.

Chains, Change and Choices

It's amazing how much easier it is to do a puzzle when you know what it makes. With the top of the puzzle box, you can probably figure out how the pieces go together. Ron talks about taking a look at the pieces of your life. The top of the box will put together a lot of the pieces of your life; were your life has been, and where your life is going.

Intel from Hell

When branches of the military go in battle, they always get information on who they're fighting; they have to know who they're up against. It's the same thing with us. We have to stand up and know who we're fighting against. We have to know who our enemy is; the one who wants to steal, kill, and destroy.

Taking the Call

There have been lots of great inventions, including Caller ID. Doug talks about taking God's call instead of letting it go to voicemail. God wants you to be a leader so that you can develop other leaders.


We are all different. We come from different backgrounds, different languages, different tribes, and we speak differently. We sometimes feel like we're stuck in a routine, nothing's changing and it's always "going to be this way." Nick tells us about how life can be pretty basic until there is something that transforms it into something beautiful.

Transformation Station

Sometimes God allows you to hear things because He wants to get your attention. Bobby Dean talks about four Bible characters that each of us can relate to. Each of these characters has something that we've been hanging on to and have stuffed inside ourselves. But Bobby talks to us about how to take the hurt and put it behind ourselves.


Everyone has a story, and everyone is a story. If we were to write it down, most of our life would be about events that happened in our life, to change our life. There have been events that have transformed who we are.

The Voice

We use Scripture to back ideas up; but how can we really know that we can trust it? Is it a rule book, or a religious book that people wrote? Doug talks to us about how the Bible is the only truth we can rely on, in a world of lies.

Not My Body

Weston and Rachel talk to us about our bodies and how we are all about our bodies. We feed them, exercise them, shower them, and pleasure them. But, a lot of times we don't realize how big of a deal it really is.

Walking Miracles

The most awesome life you can live is to follow Jesus; that tells you to be good. But that doesn't tell you how to do it. Five of the On Eagles' Wings team members talks to us about how to actually live a transformed life.

I have come so that they may have life…

The Word of God can give us a better hope for our life. Dustin talks to us about how the Word of God can help to confront our issues and struggles in life. God's Word can confront the darkness.

The Ultimate Transformer

Craig talks to us about the power of God. Man is amazing enough to know how to harness power like electricity, but how much bigger and more powerful is God? He created it! Is it even possible for us, who are so frail and so weak, to connect with the power of God in our lives?

Hometown Hope

Brad talks about "Home Town Hope." It's not just about being a super hero, but about being a hero at home. The real heroes will be those warriors who save lives in their communities.

A Woman Transformed (For Girls)

Everywhere we turn, the world is throwing their definition of ‘beauty’ at women. Guess what? They have it pretty wrong. But the God who created you has it right, so let’s spend a few minutes taking a look at how you can be a woman transformed.

Breaking Out of the Prison of Porn

Okay, this is not just for people who have struggled with this. It’s also for anyone who knows someone that has, and almost all of us are in one group or the other. We’ll take a look at the damage porn does, the power Christ gives us over it, and practical strategies for winning with Christ’s strength.

Breaking the Chains: Dealing with Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms with devastating effects on our lives and the lives of those we love. Only in Christ can we find the power to break the chains that hold so many of us back from living the life God has for us. Whether you are dealing with an addiction or know someone who is, we will talk about the freedom that can be found.

Great Start Party

Wow! You chose to follow Jesus, and that’s awesome! But now what?! If your relationship with Jesus is new, come spend some time with the OEW Team, as some of them share a few secrets of an awesome love that will help you get off to a great start with Jesus!

How's Your Vision: Life on Earth as a Citizen of Heaven

There’s a lot of fun, crazy and sometimes complicated distractions all around us. So how do we live the way Jesus wants us to in the middle of it all? It’s all about your eyesight! When you see things through eternity eyes, it helps makes things clear, and helps us live an even more amazing life. Let’s talk about how to keep an eye on Heaven while we’re right here on Earth.

Sex, Love, & Lies

Sex was supposed to mean a lifetime of love. Too often, it's meant hurt, regrets, being used, unintended consequences. It was never meant to be this way. The Inventor of sex - our Creator - has a plan for this gift He gave us. He spells it out in His "Manufacturer's Manual," the Bible - a blueprint for a future of love as God created it to be. Doug and Anna (Navajo) Hutchcraft will draw on their own story, the stories of many young people they've worked with and, most important, the Creator's own words to help you make "no regrets" relationship choices.

The Greatest Story Ever Told!: The CREATOR’S Story

Only one Person, only one Story can make sense out of the crazy world we have to live in – and show you how your story can become part of the Grand Story! You’ll never understand your world and your life until you hear what only our Creator can tell us! Because there’s something so much bigger going on than you ever dreamed!

When Life Hurts: A Bitter You or a Better You?

Grief. Abuse. Family drama. Tragedy. Life’s hammers that hit hard. But a hammer can destroy – or it can build. Some people become hard and hurtful and more depressed. Others become stronger than ever. The difference? CHOICES. You didn’t get to decide about being hurt. But you decide what it makes you! Let’s talk about it!


When we lose something or someone we love, there's a reason why we grieve. We grieve over lost innocence, lost friends, lost love, or lost dreams. An eclipse happens when something comes between us and the "Son," and that's often what happens when the hammer hits.

Have We Answered The Call?

Is your heart fully committed to God? Do you want to be able to be used by God? Find out how you can be in the best possible position to be used for God's kingdom.

Hormones and Holiness

Hormones and holiness. A reality about sexual purity is that we're all vulnerable to it. We've tainted it and made it something worse. We're vulnerable because of loneliness, broken families, past relationships, and porn. It poisons the lives of so many people.

How To Kill A Giant

There's a giant that know's your name. It tries to drag you back to the old you, try to get you to make bad choices, and take you out of the battle. Ron talks about how to kill your giant.

Life in the Cocoon

The most dangerous place you can be with Jesus is in the comfort zone. "Settling" is wrong; can we stay where it's "comfy?" Not when there is a war going on. We're in a battle.

Quicksand and Roller Coasters

There are two giants that can hold back or take out a warrior for God. Find out how to defeat these giants and be the warrior God has called you to be.

Your Backpack of Rocks

There's two giants that can keep you from God's best, and keep you in fear away from living the life, fully, that God wants you to live. They have to do with the pain of your past.

Comeback Kids

What happens when I fall? Do I stay down; and how do I get back up? Failure doesn't have to be final.

Creator Culture

Culture can really effect us. There's a lot of junk culture feeds us; trying to tell us what's in and what's not. Culture feeds us a lot of lies. How do we combat that?

Heroes and Zeroes

All heroes have a Kryptonite, personal to them, that pulls them down. Things don't always work out the way you want them to be. How do you deal with giving up?

Heroes at Home, Heroes Building a New Home

As Native Americans, we face a lot of conditions at home. You can be a hero at home; and heroes can build a new home.

Hope When There's No Reason

How can we have hope when there seems to be no reason? Find out how you can have hope.

How To Be God's First Responder When Crisis Hits Part 2

Wherever you come from, you run into people everyday that don't know Jesus Christ. But, God can use you even when trauma and grief hit.

How To Be God’s First Responder When Crisis Hits Pt 1

Wherever you come from, you run into people everyday that don't know Jesus Christ. But, God can use you even when trauma and grief hit.

Living is Always Better with Dustin Terry

A lot of times, it's hard to know how to handle suicide; or to even begin to think about it. There's hope that God provides through His Word and through the people that can impact your life.

Love Forever

A lot of people search for love, and will do whatever it takes to get it. But, the love that everyone is looking for is not the same standard of love that God has for us.

Making the Bible come alive

The Bible is the most miraculous, life changing, and most relevant book that's ever been written. It's not meant to be boring. Roger shares some practical ways to make the Bible really come alive, and how to get insight to make it relevant and more interesting.

Origin Stories

Invincible means "too powerful to be defeated or overcome." The word invincible makes people think of super heroes. But there are some REAL heroes, who have a lot in common with super heroes; and that is... you. You may not feel like hero, you may not feel invincible, but there is a path that can lead you to being more than a conquerer.

Rez Rangers

There are practical ways to stand for Jesus; wherever you are. Real people with real stories are living proof of that. People need to see our living Jesus through us.

Standing For What's Right When No One Else Is

Some of the greatest warriors in history have shown their bravery and courage by fighting against all odds and sometimes, by themselves. The fight may be lonely and long but you can survive with the right strategy. Come and get your mission briefing before you return to the battle at home.

The Hill, the Hole and the Hope

There's a lot of people who know the feeling of their hopes getting hit. People let them down, things let them down, dreams didn't happen, things haven't worked, someone they thought they could trust has abused them, someone they though would love them has used them, they lost people they loved. You need a hope so strong that when a storm hits, and no matter what you lose, that hope will still be there.

The Making Of A Disciple: From Jesus High To Jesus Life

What happened to that spiritual high I had? Was that real? Is that something that's real and going to take place as I get back home into the routine?

Winning On Your Very Worst Day

Invincible, unstoppable, and cannot be beaten describes only one person; Jesus. With Jesus living inside of you, you don't ever have to be, again, what you have been before.

Against the Tide

"The road less traveled" - this is what it takes to show our people a better way. We need to be living proof of the difference a living Christ can make. Nick and Weston share 5 choices that can are tools to help you be more successful in going against the tide.

Battle-Tested and Bulletproof

Have you ever seen a space launch? It lifts off with a huge ball of fire, and it can take you where humans have never gone before. There's a ball of fire that's big enough to launch you where you never went before with Jesus and your idea of what life could be. But different things have happened on different missions, after the big launch.

Beautiful For Real

Everywhere we turn, the world is throwing their definition of ‘beauty’ at women. uses what? They have it pretty wrong. But the God who created you has it right, so let’s spend a few minutes taking a look at where your worth really comes from.

Everything Goes Back To God

Don Landis will be taking a look at our Lord God and what it means that He created everything that was created. We will talk about a practical basis for obeying the Lord and enjoying the benefits of following Him. We will also talk about the beginning of the false and evil Kingdom of Satan - what was really going on and what was happening at the Tower of Babel.

Game On!

Jesus promises hope for those who follow Him, yet we also can be assured that we will have to go through many trials and tempations. Bobby Dean talks to us about how we can be ready for Jesus to return.

Healthy Families/Marriages in Ministry

Anyone who has been there can tell you - it can be a big challenge to be in full-time ministry and keep your family and marriage healthy. Come hear from someone who has walked that road, and who has spoken across the country about getting this right.

Hope for Humpty Dumpty

The world is full of Humpty Dumptys- broken people that end up hurting each other. For those who feel broken, it can feel like there is no hope. But Emcee One is going to share how Jesus can put Humpty back together again.

Hope Killers

How should we cope when we experience tragedy? Even in the midst of tragedy, we can have a real hope in Jesus. Craig Smith counsels us to know where to find God in the dark places of tragedy and loss.

Hope on a Hill

We expect to find hope in all sorts of places- and yet we seem to come up short every time. Ron Hutchcraft explains the story of hope that God offers us through his son Jesus.

Jesus and My Culture

Living in two world can sometimes be confusing. As Christian Natives We are under a lot of pressure to stay true to our ancestors. At the same time we must first seek the Kingdom. In this Battle Council, we will explore our dual cultures and seek to find ways to stay true to our Lord and to our People. Questions will be taken and together we will seek to find answers.

Living the Dream

Sometimes our lives can feel hopeless. When we always follow our own plans, it can feel discouraging and meaningless. Bobby Dean and some members of the On Eagles Wings' team tell us how we can hold onto hope and have the life God dreamed for us.

Making the Bible Come Alive

Discover how to make the bible come alive! If you’ve never read a Bible or if you’ve tried to read it and gave up, this Battle Council is for you. Consider this an Intro to the Bible. Our Enemy does’t want you reading the Bible - he knows the power in the Word! Come experience that power, and grow closer in the personal relationship with Jesus that your heart desires.

Moses Moments

oe and Rachel talk about all the different paths that could have kept them from where they are now and how there were four crossroads in Moses' life that are also in ours.


Relationships are one of the most important things that God created for man. It's funny how God works in the relationship aspect; but the most overlooked fact about relationships is the question of, "How is the person God's given me going to help me grow with Christ?" This is part of the reason why so many of us have failed relationships; we were born with a broken relationship with God.

Standing for What’s Right When No One Else Is

Some of the greatest warriors in history have shown their bravery and courage by fighting against all odds and sometimes, by themselves. The fight may be lonely and long but you can survive with the right strategy. Come and get your mission briefing before you return to the battle at home.

The Comeback Kid - How to Get Back to Jesus When You Get Away

We’ve all been down the road of making choices that lead us away from Jesus. But you don’t have to stay there - you can turn things around! Come hear from a guy who’s been there. and who can help you be a “Comeback Kid”.

The Genesis of Ancient Man and His Secrets

In a follow-up to “Everything Goes Back to God,” this is a look at out Ancient past and the Two Kingdoms - the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of satan - including talking about which one are we following and how to win the battle over the evil in our lives and the world. This will help grasp the flow of history and where we are today in relationship to the world around us.

The Graveyard Revolution

Billy Graham said "The Native American is a sleeping giant. He is awakening. The original Americans could become the evangelists to help win America for Christ." Brad Hutchcraft is going to tell us why he thinks Native America is already coming alive with hope today.

The Ultimate Invitation

A rich man asked Jesus what he must to inherit eternal life. "Go sell all your possessions, give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then, come follow Me." The Creator of the universe gave this man an invitation to be a part of an awesome thing God is doing. But, the man went away said because he had many possessions. We've all got one thing that's standing between us and the Kingdom of God. For this man, it was money.

Turning the Page on a Painful Past

If you or someone you love has ever had parts of life “stole” by abuse or hurt, let’s talk. you can take steps to keep them from stealing your future. We’ll talk about how to find freedom through forgiveness, how to make things right with people you have hurt, and how to turn your hurt into healing for others.

Unforgettable You

A Lakota proverb says, "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind". Ron Hutchcraft tells us how to be who you were designed to be and lead a life that matters.

Worshipping God

Everyone worships something or someone. It is easy to find ourselves worshipping unworthy things and falling into sin. Doug Hutchcraft helps us to unlock what it means to truly worship the true God.

Becoming An Effective Worship Leader

Worship starts off of the stage. It's not a music style, but our lives need to be worship. Everything that you do and think about is worship; you're worshiping something or somebody right now. We worship celebrities, musicians, politicians, Facebook pages or even ourselves. It's really dependent on what's going on in your heart and your life. The truth is that we were created for worship, we were created to bring worth to something and that's God.

Choices for a “Make A Difference Life”

Our day is meant to begin when we see our master. “You must not face the day until you have faced God. Nor, to look into the face of others until you have looked into His face.” Ron shares with us the four choices of a “Make A Difference Life.”

God, The Great Movie Writer

Have you ever seen a movie so good that the trailer just didn’t do it justice? This is because the trailers only give us glimpses of what the director wants us to see. This is how most of us live our lives with God. Brad shares with us how we try to write the story ourselves instead of seeing what the God intended us to see.

God’s Map for You

Have you ever had a pet that always followed you wherever you went? Jesus says “whoever will follow me, I want them to be with me where I am.” Ron shares with us some practical steps to following God’s map to His great plan for you.

How To Be God's S.E.A.L.

Are you tired of what’s happening with abuse, addictions, hurt, depression, anger and suicide? We make up our minds to change, but somehow we find ourselves back where we started. Doug Hutchcraft helps us know how to keep following God and be the change we want to see.

Inside Out

What are emotions? They're a reflection of who we are at any particular moment. But, is the reflection who I really am? Dino shares how this reflection is NOT who we are, but who we can let ourselves become.

Living Big

Some people claim they’re Christians but live different lives and practice different ways; this confused Trip Lee. He thought he was a Christian just because his family went to church. His life was totally changed because he found out Who the Creator really is and what He did for us. Trip struggled with being pushed down as he tried to share this new life with people, but he was able to overcome.

Living is Always Better with Dino Butler

Dealing with the thought of suicide is more than just taking something and doing it step by step. We're living in ignorance if we don't ask the question we've always wanted to ask about suicide because we're too afraid to ask. We can talk about suicide and all the things that go with it, but then we walk away knowing all about it and not knowing where to go. Dino shares that there is hope for meaning, healing, purpose and direction in Jesus Christ.

Playing For Keeps In The Spiritual Superbowl

Ron Hutchcraft was a guest speaker for the New York Giants football team. He was given two free game passes for the fifty yard line seats. He noticed that some fans would shout to the team how they thought the team should be playing. Ron speaks to us about how God is telling some of us that He doesn’t need any more people in the stands shouting orders, but that we should get in the game and play instead.

Rescue 911

You call 911 when there’s a serious situation that needs fixing. But who do you call when you’re heartbroken, when you lose someone you love, when you’re depressed, addicted or when your family’s broken? Ron Hutchcraft tells us of a Rescuer who can rescue each of us from these heartaches when no one else can.

Rescue Heroes

How do we bring our friends to heaven; to know Jesus? What's the most effective way to tell people about Jesus? Is it through speech or is it living it out? Once we say we follow Christ, we have a magnifying glass on us. Nick and Dustin tell us how to effectively tell people about Jesus. If we're not walking out what we're telling people about, it doesn't matter what we do; its meaningless.

The Cycle-Smasher

We all are in a cycle; some of us are stuck in an endless cycle we wish we could escape from. Bobby Dean sheds light on how the Word of God tells us we can escape these cycles and move past them.

View From On Top

When you’re “in the city,” safe is actually not safe. There’s grime, crime and insanity. How do you take the elevator to the top of your “city’s” highest building, and not look at your life from the mayhem and drama you live in the middle of all the time?

Warrior In A "Selfie" World

We all love to take selfies, but we live in a very dangerous “selfie world.” Everyone is focused on self and right now. Our “selfie moments” have caused us to trade the forever for the “now.” Brad Hutchcraft shares with us how we can be warriors in this “selfie” world.

Your New Story Starts Here

Emcee One comes face to face with the reality we sometimes don’t want to think about: The life we live is our one chance to make an impact; today will never happen again. People who need rescuing are powerless to save themselves; they can only be saved by one Man. We take a look at what the inside of a rescued life really looks like and how to make an impact with our only chance.

“Satan Proof” Commitments

We try to make plans out of pride that are not God’s plan. But, we need to have both hands empty to receive Gods plan. Doug teaches us about how to make our commitments “satan proof.”

Asteroids, Antichrist And King Jesus

So many people are wondering about the end of the world. But only God knows! And in the Bible, He's told us what's coming. Listen and learn the real story of the last days - and how it affects your future!

Being a Leader

What does it really mean to lead people into a strong relationship with Jesus? In this session hear practical steps and ideas about how anyone can be a leader when they are submitted to Jesus.

Dark Kingdom

Join Pastor Bobby Dean in this session as he exposes Satan’s “dark kingdom” – an awful place to spend a life and an eternity. In this powerful teaching time, Bobby Dean helps identify ways to know you may be living in this dark kingdom without even knowing it…and how you can be sure you are living in the Kingdom of God.

Good Love | Bad Love

So many of us have been hurt by what the world and culture mistakenly calls “love”. In this fascinating session, Ron Hutchcraft leads a discussion that covers what REAL love looks like, and how you can truly love the people around you.

Lighting Up the Night

God has amazing promises for His “Night Lights”…for those that are committed to “lighting up the night” on behalf of Jesus. In this session, Doug Hutchcraft shares 3 steps to “Igniting Your Life”, how to move from being a victim to a victor, and how anyone can go from a boring life to a life that sees their friends, family, even their nation living for Jesus!

Living Is Better

Most of us either know someone who has struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide, or we've been that person. In this Battle Council, we'll tackle how to choose life when it's really hard to keep going. We'll discover ways you can battle those life-taking thoughts - whether for yourself or someone you care about.

Made For More - Breaking The Cycle, Building A Life

Great News! You don't have to settle for a life that goes nowhere, or for a repeating the same mistakes that ruined the lives of people you may know. Jesus gives you the power and the hope to break the cycle. Joe will talk about his own victories in breaking the cycle and building a life, and how he made decisions to live the life he was created for.

No Lone Ranger

Sometimes we find ourselves trying to live for Jesus as a "Lone Ranger". Join Nick Liew as he explores the reality of needing one another as we try to live for Christ.

No Retreat

When there’s been a spiritual victory in your life, Satan does all he can to get that ground back. The enemy is ready to attack and take back all Jesus has done in your life. How can you not only avoid retreat, but also be one of Jesus’ mighty warriors? Join Doug Hutchcraft as he explains how to use the weapons God has given us to be an immoveable warrior for Christ!

Out of the Shadows

Brad Hutchcraft leads a powerful discussion on what it means to live a life fully in the Light of Christ. Brad offers practical steps to take to move out of a life of sin and secrecy and into a life filled with God’s light and power. Listen here to find out what Jesus means when He says, “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Rez Jesus

Ever get “filled up” at a Christian event, then feel deflated once the reality of coming back home hits? In this entertaining session, Emcee One shares practical steps you can take to give the people you care about the chance to see what Jesus looks like in their world. You may be the closest the people you love ever get to Jesus!

Sex, Lies And Finding A Real "Moose"

Sex. Often thought about, And hey - can we really say “sex” and “God” in the same sentence? Love. Does it really exist? Is it really out there somewhere? Lies, Heard too many. Want to hear truth and honesty instead? Moose and relationships. What in the world do they have in common?

The Day the Lights Came On

It took the greatest act of love in the history of the planet to save us from what’s in the dark. In this session, Ron Hutchcraft explains how what’s “in the dark” doesn’t have to shame you…scare you…enslave you one more day! No more fearing the scary things in the shadows!

Transformers - Beating The Monsters

Tired of fighting some of the same old monsters - anger, addiction? The Creator God has a plan to transform you! Let’s take a look at how you can be transformed and free from the chains that have held you too long.

Turning The Page On A Painful Past

If you or someone you love has ever had parts of life “stolen” by abuse or hurt, let’s talk. You can take steps to keep them from stealing your future. We’ll talk about how to find freedom through forgiveness, how to make things right with people you have hurt, and how to turn your hurt into healing for others.

UBU - Not Letting Your Friends Decide Who You Are

At the intersection of standing out and fitting in is the choice to be conformed to the image of this world or transformed by the renewing of our mind. With so much media influence selling us out of our identity, how do we be our our self?

World Movers - The Secret Of Powerful Praying

"It's time ....to....pray...zzzzzz." A lot of people talk about prayer as being boring, or that they don't see it making a difference. Honestly, those people probably don't get what prayer is all about. Find out how exciting and powerful prayer can...and should...be. It's one of the most world-moving weapons we have!

A Fear That Makes You Fearless

God gave us an alarm system called fear. You can trust Jesus in your life so that you can be fearless. But, there are keys to becoming fearless.

Our Failures Don’t Have To Make Us Feel Average

Do you ever feel like your past failures are what’s holding you back? Or that God will never except you because of your failures? There’s no failure too big for God.

The Thief That Comes To Steal

Have you ever stolen anything? Doug tells us about his past with having “sticky fingers.” We are never more like God’s enemy, the devil, when we steal.

When You Leave, You Stay Gone

Ron tells about game 6 between the Spurs and The Heat. Just when it seemed Miami was about to lose the game, they tied it up in the last 30 seconds. When the fans who left the stadium heard this on the radio, they desperately tried to get back in; but the guards kept the doors locked. There’s people who make a bad choice, and want to get back in. But, it’s too late to get back in.