Game On!

Hope rising for a future you can believe in

Jesus has promised a blessed Hope. He will soon return from heaven to pick us up. 

His appearing will be glorious. Titus 2:13

Matthew 24 clearly paints the present and hints that time is almost up.

The Battles Ahead

1. There is a spirit war.

  • Satan knows that his time is short.

  • The Holy Spirit is fighting to populate heaven

  • The devil wants you in hell.

  • There are two things the devil is using to deceive the world.
        fear and doubt.

    Revelation 12:10-12
    We must be anchored to God's Word  
    2 Tim. 3:13 , 14 ; 4:1
    No weapon formed against us will prevail!
    Isaiah 54:17

    2. There is no more middlegroud ground.  Matthew 24:13-14
        It is time to choose!

    3.  There will be stormy times.  
    2 Timothy 3:12
    It will cost more and more to be on team Jesus

    Are you ready to say, whatever it costs.

    It is warrior time!