When something comes between you and the “sun.” And your world goes dark.
We are facing the dangerous giant of grief and depression.

God has given us a story that takes us right to the heart of this battle. And the plan to leave behind the pit we’ve fallen into too often.

Elijah the Mighty I Kings 18:36-39
I Kings 18:41-42; 44-45 - Faith that expects a miracle
James 5:16b-18 - Ordinary guy, extraordinary prayer
Elijah the Miserable I Kings 19:1-3
The dark secret about suicidal thoughts


We dwell on the sad stuff. I Kings 19:4b; 10; 14

We go from being all about God to being all about “me.”

We withdraw to Lonely Island. I Peter 5:8
When you isolate yourself, Satan has you right where
he can “devour” you.

We settle into self-pity.
He was “Your servant.” Now he’s “the victim.”

We allow the avalanche.
Goodbye faith, hello doubt. Goodbye courage, hello fear. Goodbye joy, hello darkness. Goodbye calling, hello retreat.

The Mega-Mistake That Sends You to the Danger Zone

Ungrieved grief

Thankfully, Jesus showed us how . . . John 11:35; Matt. 26:36-38

God’s Wakeup Call for Elijah . . . and for us!
“What are you doing HERE?” I Kings 19;9b; 13b


It requires not doing what you feel like doing and doing instead what you don’t feel like doing.

Get back to the things that make you strong. 19:5, 7
Things I can’t afford to neglect when I’m struggling . . .

Hebrews 10:23-25

Get it out into the open. I Kings 19:10
Grieve your loss! Vent it to God.
Psalm 61:2, 3; Psalm 142:2, 3a

Get moving! I Kings 19:8
No more “wallowing!”

Get where God can speak to you. I Kings 19:11

Get past event-faith. I Kings 19:11b-13
OEW is not your destination!

Get back on the road that got you here. I Kings 19:15

Get back in the game! I Kings 19:15-18
He still has important work for you to do.

II Timothy 2:1, 3 . . . Hebrews 12:1, 2
Jesus didn’t quit on you when it got hard. Don’t quit on Him.

The pit is not ever meant to be the place you stay. Because . . .

Psalm 40:1-3