Comeback Kids

Part 1 - Bobby

Kryptonite – failure that’s final

We fall down and stay down.

Enemy plan – turn a day/night away from Jesus into a life away from Jesus
But Jesus’ lead disciple, Simon Peter, is living proof – Failure doesn’t have to be final!

  • John 1:40 – Jesus calls your name when He wants to show you how much more you can be.

  • Luke 22:31 – You’re making choices that will break your heart and His

  • John 20 – When He wants to give you a new beginning

  • Rebounding to greater things –


  • Start with your love for Jesus John 21:15
    You may not have been living for Jesus – but do you still love Jesus?

  • Go back to where you first got lost Luke 15:17-21

  • Start making things right at the place where your wrong choices began.

  • Let God break your heart for the sin that has broken His.

  • Luke 22:60-63; Acts 3:19
    Mark 16:4-7

    PART 3 - BOBBY

  • Set up your life to never go back to the graveyard again.

  • Isaiah 55:6,7; Acts 19:17-20
    Acts 2:14; 40-41;4:8, 12-13

    The conversation – John 21:15-17