Begin Your Relationship

How to Begin Your Relationship with the Creator God

The Creator God knows you, loves you, cares about you, and wants to have a relationship with you. If you don’t have that relationship, something will always feel like it’s missing.
If you’ve felt empty in your life, that life doesn’t have meaning, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve tried relationships to fill you up, but somehow no relationship ever seems to fill that hole. You can feel satisfied…you can find life’s meaning…through life’s most important relationship.

You don’t have this relationship because you’ve run your own life, rather than living for Him. The Bible calls that “sin”, and says that your sins “have cut you off from God”. We’ve hijacked our lives from the One that made us! There’s a death penalty for hijacking your life. It’s separation from God now and forever.

No amount of good things you do can get you to God. That’s the bad news. The Good News is that He loves us so much that He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. He died for your sins. He was punished so you don’t have to be. Not only that; death did not defeat Him. After three days, Jesus rose from the dead, alive again!

What you do with Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make. Ultimately, this is a relationship is up to you to choose. God did His part when His Son died for you. Now it’s your move. You need to turn away from a life of “my way” and turn to God in total trust.

The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.” Believing in Jesus is like a drowning person grabbing for a lifeguard and saying, “God, I’m pinning all my hopes of forgiveness and rescue on You.” When have you done that with Jesus?

This relationship can be yours for life and forever. You can belong to God from today on if you will tell Him with all your heart something like this:
"Lord, I’m sorry for running my own life. I’ve been living for me. I’m stopping that as of today. I believe your Son, Jesus Christ, paid my death penalty when He died on the cross. I’m turning from a life of “my way” and I’m putting all my trust in Jesus Christ to give me a relationship with You and to get me to heaven. Lord, from today on, I’m Yours.”
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