Adam's Story


I was a no good creature trying to find life in all ways, but there was something missing and I did not feel happy. I started looking for something or someone, but did not have hope so I got in to a lot of bad stuff. I fought to gain power, but did not have power. It was just trouble and jail. I grew up around a culture that was filled with gangs, drugs, alcohol, and girls.

I heard about Jesus, but that was just not for me. I was serving different things just to make me think that I was happy. One day my dad just gave his life to the Lord. He was drinking his alcohol and he was the head of the household; he was the one that had to make the decisions. When he gave his life to the Lord, basically my whole family gave themselves to the Lord.

My mom and dad would tell me about Jesus. My mom constantly would tell me “What you’re doing and what you’re living is wrong. What you’re chasing after in life is nothing. Everyone seeks something in life; they want more. The question is how to find it.” She said, “Someone’s been seeking you, and His name is Jesus.” Then she would go on day after day and lecture me. I had to listen to it and take it in because that’s my mom. She’d been there and she cared for me.

The turning point of my life was when I heard the Word of God and some people’s testimonies that really touched my life. I was sitting in church and the preacher was trying to do an altar call, but I was too scared to go up because there were too many people. After that, I talked to the pastor and I was going to ask him what to change and how I could do that. Then right there I got delivered, and I gave my life to Christ.

Since then, I’ve been going and going and finding more of what God can do and how He is mighty to save. He brought me and my family out of drugs, alcohol, and gangs. I wish I had become a Christian a long time ago. I wish I would have sacrificed my life, because He is wonderful. He is majestic.

I remember one thing that stuck with me that my mom said. She’s all right. She said, “Would you rather be walking yourself on your own two feet, or would you rather be carried in and still hear the Word of God?” That was something hard to hit me in the heart. That stuck with me coming from my mom, because she would say that every day. “Or will you end up in hell from living in sin?” I was tough and I wouldn’t listen to it, but it stuck with me. “The word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword...” (Hebrews 4:12).

It is like a sharp sword that sticks with you and you can never get rid of it. Since then I have been living for God. He has been wonderful. You can’t get no better than that. Christ has been good. I’ve been delivered and God’s been wonderful. He’s been moving in mighty ways I never thought He would move in my life before. I never knew there was a God like Jesus Christ who would die for me.

I know now that I was being ignorant, hard-headed, and stiff-necked, and I would just turn people away for telling me about Jesus. I’d tell them, “No, that ain’t for me. I don’t want no part of it.” Jesus died on the cross for our sins and what I was going through. He has always been there for us. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He did what no one can ever do for us. Giving Him your life is a blessing. I feel so happy and free like an Eagle flying high. I thank Him for giving me breath to breathe. All the creation He has given us and our family, so we need to go tell our peeps so they can get saved by His grace and be free.