A Thousand Ugly Pounds

The story of your life

This week could be the end of Volume 1. And the beginning of a whole new volume.

There’s a lot of dark stuff in that first book.
And it’s too heavy to carry.

For every one of us, there is a Freedom Line!

The Freedom Line runs by a Cross!

Why we can’t get rid of what we’re carrying.

It’s too powerful for any religion.

Romans 7:15 . . . 19 . . . 24

The penalty is too great.

Isaiah 59:2a Romans 6:23a Hebrews 9:27

Suddenly, mind-blowing Good News!

Hebrews 9:28a Romans 7:25a

This can be the time you get free from the you that you don’t want to be.
To become a you that you never dreamed you could be!

This isn’t another road to a God on the top of the mountain.
Jesus is God who came down from the mountain!

He picked up the crushing backpack of every wrong thing you’ve ever done – and carried it to His Cross!

John 1:29

But this Story doesn’t end at a tomb.
It begins at that tomb.

Revelation 1:18

The only one who can forgive your sin is the One who paid for your sin!
The only one who can give you eternal life is the only One who proved He has it!

The title of the new Volume 2 of your story is two amazing words . . .