Your New Story Starts Here

Rescue - A hopeless situation . . . powerless to escape . . . only hope is a rescuer.

Your new story starts with a supernatural rescue! Col. 1:13, 14

3 chapters in your personal rescue story - Rescued From…Rescued By…Rescued To…

Rescued from - the trash of the past; the emptiness of the present; the fear of the future. You can unload your past. You can have a present with peace. You can have a future that matters.

Rescued by - Heaven’s Surprising Life-Saver (Not a white guy! Not a religion! Not rules and rituals!) Luke 19:10

Rescued for - II Cor. 5:17. A new way of treating people; new way of handling your pain; new way of seeing your future; seeing people; making good choices; being hope for your family, your people.