On Eagles' Wings | Hope Stories

Weston's Story

Weston grew up in the confusion of what his father put his family through.

Mary's story

Mary Lola thought that first cousins were like family, brothers, sisters...

Connie's Story

Connie struggled with depression and thoughts of self-harm. Hear her share how she found purpose and freedom from her past.

Anna's Story

Anna grew up with no hope in a family of violence and abuse. But, she was able to find peace and healing on the rez.

Bach's Story

Bach suffered sexual abuse and was betrayed by someone he thought he could trust. Hear how he was able to overcome his horrible past on the rez.

Ammie's Story

It was tough for Ammie growing up in foster care; especially when her first experience was her da

The Relationship We Are Created For

Emcee had a lot of experience with disappointing relationships.

Emcee One's Story

Emcee talks about his unplanned birth from a young mother and how his dad was never there for him

Nick's Story

Native people know there is a creator out there; there is some sense of a creator who made everyt

The God Who Fulfills

Dustin always tried to fix everything on his own with things like sex, money and respect. But, he's always felt empty.

Dustin's Story

Basketball was Dustin's way of escaping his pain. With no father, fighting, violence and nothing to do but getting into trouble, Dustin was desperately trying to make his life mean something.

The God Who Heals

No matter how many times Mary Lola tried to cover up the sins in her life, to make it go away, to not have it, nothing could make it go away.

The God Who Forgives

Bach was bitter and was unable to forgive. Then, he met the God who forgave him.

The Father's Love

Anna thought having a father that loved her was impossible on the rez. Then, Anna found a Father who made the ultimate sacrifice for her.

The Creator's Masterpiece

Connie didn’t feel like she mattered until she found she has purpose because God calls her His masterpiece.

Born,Breathe,Die...Is This It?

Sometimes it feels like, “what’s the meaning of life? Is there a point? Are we just supposed to be born, breathe, get schooling, get a job, get to the top, be ‘successful’, then die?”

Tyler's Story

Addiction with drugs, gangs and partying to the basketball court. Find out how Tyler discovered the change he was looking for on the rez.

Jolene's Story

One awful night and a few bad choices left Jolene with thoughts of suicide. Find out how she was encouraged that all things are possible on the rez.

Jarred's Story

Jarred was chasing things that only left him feeling empty. Find out how he found hope and identity on the rez.

Demi's Story

Demi tells us how growing up with abuse messes with a child trying to find their place and purpose in life. Find out how Demi realized her value, her importance and the power to forgive those from her past on the rez.

Dalton's Story

Addictions and women left Dalton feeling empty inside. Discover how he escaped death and found hope.

Cari's Story

Cari was fatherless, and felt worthless, angry and scared. Read how she went from having the gun to her head to peace, hope and freedom from the pain on the rez.

Ashley's Story

Check out how Ashley moved from hopelessness to hope, and how she realized there is something more to Jesus then she knew.

Alex's Story

"I can't remember a year without a funeral." Alex found hope to hold onto, even in the face of death on the rez.

Adam's Story

Read how Adam found freedom from the gangs, drugs, alcohol and girls that had left him in trouble and in jail on the rez.

Landon's Hope Story

Landon was a lost person living without Christ. He quickly learned how loss of something can cause your life to get off track when you live like this.

Derek's Story

Derek went through the hardship and pain of losing a loved one. But, Derek was finally able to realize he needed to surrender and how he could find peace.

Lori's Story

Lori chased popularity for years but only found herself depressed and lonely. Find out how Lori discovered her true identity and joy on the rez.

Tricia's Story

Tricia grew up with a family full of anger and abuse. Find out how Tricia found freedom and healing.